A/EISS System Requirements

Optimal Browser

Once the Screen Resolution is established, confirm which browser you are using. Fundamentally, the newer your OS/browser the better. Here's the order of best to worst configurations:

  1. Any OS with Google Chrome
  2. Any OS with Firefox
  3. Windows with Edge
  4. Windows with IE 10+

While performance is somewhat dependent upon computer capabilities, we have seen these browsers perform well with many different CPU configurations and speeds.  Network speed and firewalls certainly play a part as well, but to date we have not needed to change any firewall configurations to obtain excellent performance. 

Department of Defense has not officially established governance for Web Apps and Widgets, but if you apply one of the options listed above at your location, A/EISS performance should be reasonable.

Screen Resolution

Once you access A/EISS, ensure the Screen Resolution on your computer is set at 1280 x 1020 pixels.

For A/EISS issues, please submit a ticket at support@sage.northcom.mil.
For urgent requests, call: 719-749-1627.
NORAD & USNORTHCOM Current-Operations Center (N2C2) Air Domain: 719-554-7336 (DSN 692-7336)

For operational issues, send an email to the following personnel: